how to see instagram messages without being seen

There are many methods available to see Instagrams messages without being seen but many of them are useless the reason for that is you can’t directly just open the chat and see it while even ur internet connection is on so the only way to see texts in Instagram without being seen is on Ios with a jailbroken iPhone you can easily see insta texts without being seen or detected by anyone you just have to install a tweak called Rocket for Instagram from Cydia without that you can do it also but you need to use sideloadly and install the app via ur laptop or PC

soo to make it work first you have to open Cydia and add this repo or you can simply search it inside Cydia and install it from there. what exactly does rocket for Instagram do? well, it can do many things. Rocket for Instagram is an Instagram user’s dream modification because it allows you to do things that the photo and video-sharing social network undoubtedly don’t want you to do, but that you, the user, have desired for a long time.
If you’re an Instagram user wishing to improve your skills within the app and gain access to things that no stock user will ever have, Rocket for Instagram may be your new best buddy. Posts from your feed can be downloaded. With a simple click, you may share posts. Using the long push gesture, you may zoom in on postings. Captions may be copied with a single tap. Add tales to your collection. View stories while being anonymous. Disable automatic story progression. Show whether or not individuals are following you back.

so it is worth it give it a try and you will never want to use insta again without it


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