Dropshipping Tiktok Ultimate Guide

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, and many consumers have been looking for new ways to purchase items to save money. In this article, learn about the latest trend of dropshipping on TikTok. This social media app is taking over the world with its funny videos, musical challenges, and makeup tutorials.

How to do Tiktok Dropshipping

Many individuals consider how to sell on TikTok. This question might be rephrased as “How to Dropship on TikTok.” If interested in the platform, don’t miss the accompanying instructions. This section will teach you how to use TikTok for your dropshipping business.

1 Set up a Shopify Store

Shopify offers three options with prices ranging from $29 to $299. Furthermore, if you operate a large dropshipping business, Shopify Plus might be the answer. You may easily build your store URL like brandname.myshopify.com if you have a brand name. Then you can add your logo and images and begin creating the look of your shop.

2 Dropshipping Supplier

You are not required to look for it elsewhere. Go to the Shopify app store to find lots of dropshipping applications. What are their options? Take, for example, EPROLO. Orders from your dropshipping store may be instantly linked to EPROLO. After you pay, it will handle all aspects of fulfillment, including sourcing, selection, packaging, shipping, and tracking.

3 Locate Winning Products

There are numerous methods for finding winning dropshipping products, the finest of which is to use Jungle scout services. It gives accurate product and sales data, and you can also utilize Helium 10 to identify items with little competition and high volume. You may use keywords or hashtags to search. You may also check the popularity with tools like Google Trends. Dropshipping classes, forums, Facebook groups, and blogs are other excellent resources. You must add your winning goods to your store after you have identified them. Edit the product title, description, variations, and photos first. determining the pricing of a product; managing inventories; determining the shipment method and customs information, and other tasks.

4 Create TikTok Ad Campaigns

There are several strategies for promoting your items, such as social media, influencer marketing, search engine optimization, and so on. To use TikTok, you must first install Shopify and the TikTok App.
TikTok functions more as an advertising tool than a sales channel in Shopify. It is necessary to have a TikTok account. It must also be a corporate account, not a personal one. To begin, you must link your TikTok for a Business account to Shopify. Launch the app from the left sidebar. Wait for the connection page to appear after clicking connect. You must join a business account if you do not already have one. You will be sent to the TikTok Overview dashboard. Various settings, such as TikTok Ad Manager, Data Sharing, and Payment, must be completed here.
Data sharing is crucial. Here you may connect your TikTok Pixel. You may be wondering what a pixel is. It’s a little HTML code. Install a pixel on your website to track visitor behavior, build audience segments, and locate new consumers. Pixels are useful for optimizing ad campaigns and analyzing ad effects. You may configure TikTok Pixel on Shopify using your TikTok Ads Manager dashboard. It is simple to obtain a 1-click pixel installation.

Now Set Target Audiences to target your advertising audiences. It includes all of the attributes of potential customers, such as age, gender, country, languages, interests and behavior, and gadgets. TikTok Ads Manager allows you to define your target audiences. These settings will assist TikTok in displaying your ad to users who fulfill the criteria. Now you’ll need ad content such as short videos, ad text, a display name, a call to action, a link, and a profile image. Lip-syncing and ordinary videos are not a good match. You must generate original content, or purchase one. Prepare the copywriting after you’ve confirmed the video. The ad text will show alongside your video. Your store’s brand is reflected in the display name. TikTok offers many call-to-action buttons, such as Learn more, Shop now, Sign up, Visit store, and so forth. You can make your selection based on your advertising goals. You can fill in the blank with your product link or shop website. People who click the button will be taken to the page. Now you can monitor the impact of your advertisements. On the TikTok Ads Manager dashboard, click Reporting to personalize the ad report. TikTok provides a variety of data, including Basic Data, Video Play, Engagement, In-App Events, Attribution, and Page events.
CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per 1000 impressions), reach, clicks, conversion, and other metrics are included in primary data. Transformation, in particular, shows the number of orders placed due to your ad. Complex elements contribute to poor advertising. One of them is the video content. You may examine audience behavior in Video Play to determine if your video affects the ad. Metrics such as 6-second video views and 100% video views indicate whether or not people are interested in your video.

5 Complete Customers’ Orders

Sales follow effective advertising efforts. When you receive orders, you must fulfill them. Suppliers are accountable for fulfillment due to the dropshipping business model. Your shop orders, including product information and shipping information, will be synchronized to the platform via the EPROLO dashboard. You may change the shipping method or add a remark here. EPROLO will process your orders at its warehouses when you pay. One thing should be mentioned. Your clients will have no idea the shipment came from your provider.

you must keep up with Customer Support Even if your consumers pick up the parcels, your sales are not complete. There is still much to be done. Your clients may become repeat customers. As a result, sending feedback emails or holiday wishes is an excellent method to keep in touch with customers. Asking your clients to submit comments can help you develop a trustworthy brand image. In exchange, you can provide a discount.







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